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Everything You Need To Achieve The Ultimate Success - A Life You Enjoy

Greater Confidence and Self-Awareness

One of the greatest obstacles to living our dreams is not that we don’t have the skills or abilities needed to make it happen, but that we let fears, doubts and limiting beliefs hold us back from trying and from becoming all that we can be. No more.

Clarity in Purpose and Direction

By getting clarity about what you really want, by finding your purpose, your unique gift, and the direction you want go, you will find yourself making better decisions, find greater opportunities and moving purposefully towards your goals.

Plenty of Drive, Energy and Passion

Passion is key. It gives you more energy and helps you create change. It inspires and energizes. Passion grows when we grow in self-confidence, when we have clarity in what we want, when we learn to be ourselves, intentional, and in charge.

Winning Communication Skills

One all-important key to success in relationships, teamworking, leadership, at home and at work, is learning how to communicate and connect with others. Through our courses we find it’s a skill anyone can learn to develop and master.

Fulfilling Healthy Relationships

Every day, at work or at home, we interact with others. Here you will learn skills that are vital to using each interaction to building great and fulfilling relationships that help you live longer, be healthier, feel richer, and simply enjoy life more.

How to Lead Yourself and Others

Leadership is a skill you can learn. It is also a skill that you need to master if you truly want to be successful. Before you learn to lead others, you have to first learn to lead yourself, take charge of your own life, and invest in your personal development.

"I decided to hire Håvard’s consulting and coaching services when our company was facing difficulties due to changes in management. All my teams simply loved working with and listening to him which ultimately made our change management job and communicating our new company vision so much easier."

Hans V.
General Manager

""I used to think very negatively and fear the future, put myself down, criticize myself for errors, doubt my abilities and expect failure. After attending your coaching, I have more confidence.""

Bussaya P.
Marketing Manager

""Mr. Lillethun worked on various successful projects relating to branding and marketing and made an immense contribution to our company’s success. His unique positive personality, his skills, and most importantly his incredible ability to learn and use new concepts while developing solutions to challenges presented to the team make a deep impression on each of us.""


""I liked your course on leadership. I always asked myself how to be a good leader, and you gave me the answer. I can use this knowledge everywhere, not only in the office, but also at home. I listen to staff more, help them find solutions to problems, and be a servant leader like you taught. Thank you.""

Yupin A.
HR Manager

""Your course gave me the knowledge about ways to manage life, self-development, and positive thinking. What I especially enjoyed learning is that everyone has value, and to see the potential in myself, that if I search for it, I will find it. Thank you.""

Prabhaporn B.

It's time to take charge and take your life to the next level.

Join hundreds of others! Sign up for inspiring and motivating emails.

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