360 Public Speaking

Connect - Inspire - Lead

360 Public Speaking is a 12-week comprehensive public speaking program.

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Connect, Inspire and Lead 


360 Public Speaking will take you through specific steps to help you learn how to connect one-on-one, in a group, or with a large audience.


One major goal of all communication is influence. 360 Public Speaking Coaching will give you simple tools to make you an effective influencer


The best leaders develop and use their communication skills to inspire and motivate their followers. 360 Public Speaking teaches you how.

What is covered in the 360 Public Speaking curriculum?


360 Public Speaking will help you become a proficient speaker and presenter by teaching you how to: 


  • speak with confidence
  • control your nerves
  • build rapport and connect
  • tell a compelling story
  • prepare your story line
  • make your message memorable
  • stay on message
  • handle difficult questions
  • use visual aids effectively
  • motivate your audience
  • effectively influence small groups and large audiences
  • give motivational speeches
  • make your message clear and easily understandable
  • and much more


After the program you will receive a certificate of completion.

How is the 360 Public Speaking process structured?

The 360 Public Speaking program lasts 12 weeks and is conducted over by Zoom, phone or Skype calls.

Worksheets help you take the concepts you learn to a deeper level. You will also have access to frameworks and tools you can put to use immediately.

Sessions are an hour long and each session covers one topic from the 360 Public Speaking curriculum.

Do you need a teacher or a coach?

The teacher grades you by your past, by what you have already learned and accomplished.

The coach grades you your future, by what you are capable of becoming.

Which of these two people's advice should you go by? Which of these would help you to reach your goals and dreams?

Do you plan your dreams for the past or the future? Do you build them with past accomplishments or future possibilities? With your present limitations or your future abilities?

Don't be trapped into trying to build your dreams with only your present day materials, with present day abilities. Dream big, and think big. Build your future dreams with the endless possibilities and abilities you already have within you..

If you want to learn for the present, get a teacher.

If you want to build for the future, get a coach.

Are you ready to achieve your public speaking goals?