and find the courage to live life on your terms.


Every week I talk to people who tell they want more out of life:

  • Many of them tell me about a dream they once had, but then, life happened, and they settled for something else.
  • Their kids have left home and they don’t know what to do in order to move on and make that dream come true.
  • Some feel like they have become nothing but an echo of the opinions of others. Instead they want to find the courage to voice their true feelings, but they don’t know how.
  • For others, they just wish they would not be so hard on themselves. It upsets them that they are not able to feel happiness and enjoyment in the life they have.
  • They feel time is running out, and the longer they wait, the more stuck they become, and the more important it is to find a solution.

Tuesday February 1 - 1.00 pm CET


It's not easy. If you want to have a better life, there is no quick fix. It takes hard work, and you have to be willing to change or give up some of the things you are doing now. The main reason people don't, is because the are too afraid to even try.

The good news is that with the right tools and techniques, everybody can change, and it’s never too late. 

  • There is a way to finally silence that voice in your head that keeps telling you that you are not good enough.
  • You can get unstuck, have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and feel vibrant and alive again.
  • You can learn to live on your terms and live the life you have always dreamed of.

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Last but not least:

I will give you the strategies and insights that I used to turn my life around. And if you know anything about my story, you know it’s true that if I can, so can you.


The webinar will last for 90 minutes and will be 100% LIVE.

You can ask me anything you want to know!

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Saturday February 1

1:00 pm CET











What you will learn:

  • A few simple mindset changes can completely change the way you see yourself and help you harness the unlimited potential you already have within you.
  • How to get clarity for your life, visualize what success means for you, and set big and empowering goals for your future.
  • How to grow the courage you need to go way outside your comfort zone and give yourself the life you know you should already have.
  • How to move from hoping and dreaming to taking action and making whatever changes you want to make a reality.
  • The best way to create and maintain momentum, so you don’t fall back into old habits. This one point makes all the difference between losing and winning.
  • Plus, a lot of fun and inspiring lessons and reflections from Håvard’s own journey.

Meet your webinar host.

Håvard Lillethun is living proof that it is possible to turn your life around.

He spent 40 years as a member of the notorious cult The Children of God. Since he left the cult, in 2010, he has been studying personal development, worked as a coach and corporate trainer, been on the TEDx stage and authored his first book.

His passion is personal development and helping people move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat and take charge of their own lives. He uses the life-changing lessons he has learned as he had to chart a new course in his life to create an engaging and enlightening webinar.

Håvard loves teaching and has a way of making anyone listening feeling like they are understood. He is honest and vulnerable makes it is easy to relate to the insights he shares.

His main goal is to help you tap into the resources and the potential you already have to achieve the life you want and deserve, a life of happiness and fulfillment.