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360 Coaching is a 12-week result-oriented coaching program.

What should you expect from 360 Coaching?


The built-in curriculum ensures that over the course of 12 weeks, you gain clarity about the mindsets you have you reach higher levels potential in your life.


Whether you want to improve your leadership skills or simply want to get more out of life, 360 Coaching will be like a GPS guiding you on that journey.


You are not doing this alone. As your coach, I am committed to your success, to what you want to achieve in life,  and to bring out your untapped potential.

What makes 360 Coaching different from other types of coaching?

Most coaching programs are only based onot based on a set curriculum or training.

The 360 Coaching program

  • is curriculum driven—each session includes training and learning as well as coaching.
  • is result-oriented—important steps for rapid growth and lasting change are built into the program.
  • challenges you to stretch and grow every week.

What is covered in the 360 Coaching curriculum?

Each week a new topic is highlighted.


Week 1. Mindset

Week 2. Clarity

Week 3. Taking Charge

Week 4. Courage/Confidence

Week 5. Motivation

Week 6. Dreams and Goals

Week 7. Action/Getting Things Done

Week 8. Energy

Week 9. Habits

Week 10. Grit

Week 11. Leadership/Influence

Week 12. Communication


After the program you will receive a certificate of completion and an inspiring compilation of the insights, accomplishments, and commitments you made during the 12 week program.

How is the 360 Coaching process structured?

The 360 Coaching program lasts 12 weeks and is conducted over by phone, Zoom or Skype calls.

After each session you will receive a worksheet that helps you take the concepts you learned to a deeper level. You will also have access to frameworks and tools you can put to use immediately.

After each session you will also receive a copy of my notes to highlight major insights, accomplishments, and commitments from that session.

Sessions are an hour long and cover one topic form the 360 Coaching curriculum as well as regular coaching.

Do you need a teacher or a coach?

The teacher grades you by your past, by what you have already learned and accomplished.

The coach grades you your future, by what you are capable of becoming.

Which of these two people's advice should you go by? Which of these would help you to reach your goals and dreams?

Do you plan your dreams for the past or the future? Do you build them with past accomplishments or future possibilities? With your present limitations or your future abilities?

Don't be trapped into trying to build your dreams with only your present day materials, with present day abilities. Dream big, and think big. Build your future dreams with the endless possibilities and abilities you already have within you.

If you want to learn for the present, get a teacher.

If you want to build for the future, get a coach.

Are you ready to reach your goals?